At One World Test, students work with native English speakers who are professionally certified, experienced exam tutors. Lessons can be done one-to-one or in a small group setting. 

One-to-one Lessons:

One-to-one lessons can take place at either one of our Istanbul offices, which are centrally located in Taksim and Kadikoy, or the student can take lessons at his or her home or workplace. Lesson days and times can be arranged to suit the student's schedule. Lessons can start at 8:30am in the morning at the earliest and 10pm in the evening at the latest.

Small Group Lessons:

Small group lessons can only be done at our Taksim of Kadikoy office. Classes consist of 4-5 students. Lesson times are weekday mornings 10am-1pm, weekday evenings 7-10pm, or weekends 10am-2pm. 


Courses defined with 12/24/36/60 hours length with Native TOEFL teachers

The TOEFL is the most widely used non-native English speaker admissions test for English-speaking universities. It is also used by employers in the private and public sectors to rate prospective and existing employees’ all-round levels of English.

The test is 200-250 minutes (internet based) or 170 minutes(paper based) long, can be internet-based or paper-based, and is divided into four sections: reading, speaking, writing and listening. TOEFL preparation courses help students anticipate the content and structure of the questions in each section, largely through the study of example questions.

Our Methodology:

Before students start taking TOEFL lessons, we do an evaluation test that determines what score the student would get if he or she were to sit the test. An additional English level test may be done if results are inconclusive. Based on the outcome of the TOEFL and/or level evaluation, a program will be administered based on the perceived needs of the student as decided by our professionally certified staff of TOEFL tutoring experts. Every student requires a different approach to learning, so our educational method uses a multi-faceted approach consisting of a wide array of educational sources and techniques that will not only teach the students hints and tips, but also develop their overall English level in terms of reading, writing, listening, speaking, vocabulary and pronunciation.