Some students know exactly how many points they need to earn on the SAT, while others need assistance in determining an adequate target score and the time frame to achieve it.

For kids who know what score they need, we first determine the student’s level, which gives an approximate indication of what score the student would earn were he or she to sit the test today. Then, we put into action an education program based on those results areas for improvement as assessed by our professional SAT tutor.

For students who are not sure what score they need, or are not sure of their chances for success, we administer a level test and SAT placement test, after which we can determine the approximate amount of preparation necessary.

After administering a level test and SAT placement test, over 95 percent of our students who come to lessons regularly and do all their homework reach their SAT goals within the specified time frame. The remaining five percent see positive results after a bit more work. 

One World Istanbul provides some test preparation materials, but students are encouraged to bring their own digital or print resources when possible. To get an idea of what happens in the lessons, please check our SAT Preparatory Program. 

University and College Application Counseling

University and college preparation does not stop with the SAT. Students must also choose the respective colleges and universities where they want to apply. Applications must be filled out, résumés need to be updated and polished, and college application essays need to be written. One World Test helps you at every stage of this process. Please contact us to learn more about our personalized University Counseling Services. 


The SAT is a nationally administered, standardized paper-and-pencil examination that is used by colleges to evaluate candidates. It is universally accepted at all colleges in the U.S.A. and is also often used to allocate scholarships.

The SAT score is generally considered to be the second-most important factor in determining the success of a college application, after grades in college preparation courses. Everyone benefits from additional points on the SAT exam, which can help you get into the college of your choice, expand your range of program choices, and increase scholarship potential.

Our team of experienced and qualified SAT teachers is available to come to your home, or any location of your choice, to support your practice. We can accommodate a preference of male, female, American or British teachers to best fit your expectations and preferences.

As well as the core components of the SAT test (evidence based writing and reading, math), we also study specific SAT Subject Tests, covering over 20 different subjects such as English, history, social sciences, mathematics, physical sciences, and foreign languages.

After you score a successful mark on the SAT, our university counselor will guide you in choosing and applying for a suitable college or university.

The SAT is 3 hours long (with optional essay, 3 hours 50 minutes) and tests critical thinking skills, your ability to analyze and solve problems in math, reading comprehension, and writing. SAT grading is a complicated process. The SAT is graded on a 1600-point scale, with the math and evidence based writing-reading sections worth 800 points each. The SAT returns scores on a bell-curve. This means that the median score on each section will always be close to 500, with a decreasing frequency of scores down to 200 and up to 800.


Many universities now accept the ACT as a substitute for the SAT; more and more students take both exams, then selecting which scores to submit with their applications. The ACT is quite a different test from the SAT, so different strategies and practice are necessary. We will evaluate your skills based on a full practice test, then help you improve your time, skills, and overall test-taking strategy. 

ACT Scoring- How does it work?

This test differs from the SAT in many ways, and it is extremely beneficial to be aware of the differences before deciding on which test is best suited for you! The ACT test tends to be more similar in format to standard high school material, and has a Science section (absent on the SAT). Also, the ACT mathematics section is more advanced than on the SAT. Many universities today accept both the SAT and ACT, but not all, so it is important to know the policy of your target schools before registering to take these important exams.

Scoring for all ACT Multiple-Choice Sections

  • 1 point for each correct answer (no deductions for incorrect or unanswered questions)
  • A raw score is calculated using the correct number of answers in each section. For example, 50 out of 75 answers correctly in the English section is a raw score of 50.
  • The raw score is then changed to a scaled score between 1-36, which includes metrics that take into account difficulty level variations.
  • The composite score is the average of the scaled scores for the four multiple-choice test sections. This score is rounded to the nearest whole number. Any numbers less than 1/2 are rounded down, and any numbers more than 1/2 are rounded up to the next whole number. 
  • So, for example: 23 + 25 + 25 + 25= 98/4 which is 24.5 would be rounded up to 25.
  • The final score report will also contain a percentile ranking comparing the test taker's score against others.

Writing Test Score


Two people read and score the optional essay based on a holistic or overall impression

Score ranges are between 1-6. 

The final score will be a whole number between 2-12.