In both Business and General English, the best learning method involves first analyzing potential students’ English knowledge and proficiency.

  • First Step: Placement

Each student will take an English level placement test that involves grammar, reading, writing and speaking. A native English speaker will assess these tests and decide student levels.

  • Second Step: Defining Courses

18/24/36/72/96 hour mixed General and Business English courses. Courses can be held at either the place of business or at One World Language Academy in Taksim or in Kadıköy office. Class times are flexible depending on employee schedules and needs. However, we recommend that students take no fewer than 6 hours per week, as any less would affect the student’s learning speed.


Depending on student’s desires and needs, beginning level students will take a course focusing heavily on grammar and vocabulary. These skills will be learned through interacting with the teacher and using the grammar and vocabulary in the classroom through speaking activities.


Intermediate level students will begin with a short grammar introduction followed by lessons focusing on General and Business English vocabulary development. Speaking and fluency practice will form a large part of any intermediate courses.


Advanced level students will begin with a short advanced grammar introduction followed by lessons focusing on developing pronunciation skills and speaking fluency.


All levels have a grammar portion. The grammar focus changes depending on the level and focuses on improving the clarity and complexity of student sentences. All grammar is learned by doing short lessons on the board and then using the grammar on the spot through oral elicitation.


All levels involve reading exercises in order to develop pronunciation skills and vocabulary. Reading will be a lead-in to conversation topics.


All levels will require the student to write. Beginners will focus on perfecting simple writing techniques such as sentence construction. Intermediate students will begin to learn basic writing techniques such as email and giving directions in order to facilitate ease of communication with native English speakers. Advanced students will have lessons on writing in the office involving letters, emails, memos, presentations and other forms of daily written communication.


All courses have a speaking focus, and all students will be required to speak in class. All lessons are interactive.


Our Business English courses are designed to help you learn English at the same time that you are running your business. Lessons focus on developing vocabulary related to your business.