As individual foreign language education has become more preferable with the discovery of individual differences in learning, it is a weighted education service provided by our institution to respond to this need.

Think about what you have learned in your education life; You will remember that the information that is stored for a short time with the classical memorization method is permanent and it is almost impossible to use it in real life. Long hours, crowded classes, unnecessary homework load and grammar-weighted targeted programs have kept you away from language for years. Whereas now we travel more, we sell our products abroad, we do business with foreigners, our career depends on our language and we have to actively use what we learn.

In this direction, we make your learning easier and more permanent with your education technique, considering your individual differences.

Beginning with determining your learning style, the expert education staff in the mother tongue is a technical orientation oriented to your work, whether it is speaking-oriented, practical-oriented program, helping with homework, writing essays or grammar-based work; require translation, articles etc.; They cover your needs in a short time and develop you rapidly with one-to-one trainings in various languages, with flexible lesson hours that are completely geared towards you and your learning needs.